We publish magazines for adults, Christians, and children.

With over 50 years of success, our magazines are for all ages, by talented authors and illustrators!

Our Young Readers

With 6 million younger and older readers each month, we play a key role in education.
We create magazines that make readers laugh, play, learn, and think… Magazines that empower and help young people grow by giving them a taste for reading, an appetite for understanding, and a thirst to discover everything the world has to offer.

Our Sister Companies Around the World

For 50 years, Sailer has been developing magazines for children and young people with one goal: to encourage children to read and love reading. Because all kids should be able to climb volcanoes, graze with manatees, marvel at Big Ben, or travel to Ancient Rome! Reading opens up the door to the world and all the wonders that lie behind it. It makes you stronger and, of course, helps you unwind.

Since 1986, Bayard Revistas has been helping children in Spain grow through reading. Bayard Revistas publishes the most widely read educational magazines in Europe, sparking kids’ love of reading.
Stories, activities, nature, games, articles... Monthly magazines kids look forward to getting in their mailboxes!

Bayard Canada is a leader in the press for children and teens, with more than 40 magazines and digital books for children aged 1 to 18, produced with care by talented creators and experts. Subscribing to an educational magazine encourages children to understand and love life.

Bayard Presse Asia is our Hong Kong branch. We publish adapted versions of Bayard Jeunesse’s world-famous Popi, Pomme d’Api, and J’aime Lire magazines for our Chinese audience (Cantonese, Mandarin, and English). We also co-edit and co-own the popular UK Box magazine series which includes StoryBox, AdventureBox, AdventureBox Max, and DiscoveryBox. In addition, Bayard Presse Asia distributes OwlKids publications from Canada.

With Bayard Afrique, Planète J’aime Lire and Mes Premiers Planète J’aime Lire help children and teens to learn, become ‘one’ with reading, and open their minds to the world. The magazines encourage a taste for reading and an appetite for understanding, helping kids grow and become more confident. We also have a network of specialists to support our local team to turn these monthly magazines into educational tools for parents and teachers. (French language)

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