At Bayard Jeunesse, learning to read and the development of the imagination also involve audio.

Our Audio books and podcasts allow children to occupy the world and grow in confidence.

Listening to one of our audio stories or podcasts on headphones or on speakers is the ideal tool to teach children to concentrate and settle down, during one or more episodes.

Captive listening (and listening back) guaranteed.

- Premium audio series with sound design :

We embraced audio content early on to foster the pleasure of reading and develop children’s imaginations.

Our unique audio catalog, made up of more than 400 titles, includes several of our bestselling books that have been made into remarkable original audio creations: Les feuilletons de la Mythologie by Murielle Szac, Les P’tits Docs (a leading non-fiction series in France) or the adventures of Petit Ours Brun, Samsam and Mortelle Adèle.

- And also our print books are available for audio licensing in French and other languages.

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