Stéphanie Duval lives in the Basque Country. She has been writing non-fiction children’s books for almost 20 years. She enjoys exploring social themes and current affairs – not easy to write about but very useful! Among her books are “Le petit livre pour bien vivre ensemble", "L'Égalité filles-garçons pas bête", "D'où je viens ? Le petit livre pour parler de toutes les familles", "67 millions de Français" (Bayard Éditions), as well as "Qu’y a-t-il dans ma tablette ?" (Tourbillon), "La mort" (Milan, collection Mes p’tits pourquoi) and "Les questions d’argent ou de philo" (Gulf Stream). Her four children are older now, but they remain a source of inspiration… Their questions, joys and worries all provide her with valuable insight for her new books! Her work, some of which has been translated abroad, is popular with teachers and schoolchildren, whom she regularly meets during her creative writing workshops, or to talk about her job. Stéphanie Duval is also one of the “Lulu” comic book writers, published in the children’s magazine “Astrapi” and BD Kids.