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Author and illustrator

Rémi Chaurand is a designer and graphic artist at Astrapi (Bayard Presse) since 1998. He writes and illustrates many books for young people for Milan, Casterman, or l'école des loisirs. He is also the author of the TomTom and Nana scenarios.

Colours by

Rémi Chaurand lives in Paris with his wife, two children, and not-so-bright cats. He loves books, music, andouillette and rugby. He enjoys listening to, reading, writing, and even drawing stories. Because stories are the best way to set off on an adventure from the comfort of your sofa, snuggled up with a purring cat. His books are published by Bayard, L’École des loisirs, Didier Jeunesse, Casterman, Nathan and, of course, Milan. “Éloi et Dagobert - Un nouveau voisin rue des Poteaux" was awarded the ‘Prix jeunesse de la ville du Touquet’, and "Les Quinzebille - À taaable !", the Fonds Decitre’s ‘Prix du Petit Libraire’.

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