Mr Tan

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Antoine Dole, aka Mr Tan, is a comic book writer and prolific author. His comics have been published in both books (Bayard, Actes Sud, Casterman, Gallimard BD, Glénat, etc.) and children’s magazines (“Le Journal de Mickey”, Bayard Presse, Milan Presse). Antoine Dole has also written a number of widely acclaimed and award-winning manga books and novels for teenagers and young adults. He is best known for his outspoken and brazen character, Mortelle Adèle, who he created when he was 14 years old. Through her light-hearted and mischievous adventures, he explores childhood fantasies and the question of norms and differences. Beyond the storylines, Mr Tan therefore shaped Adèle’s personality and sketched her very first outlines in his schoolbooks.

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