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Marie-Hélène Delval

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Marie-Hélène Delval lives in Paris. She was editor-in-chief for several of Bayard’s magazines for little ones (“Les Belles Histoires”, “Pomme d’Api” and “Popi”), and literary manager at Éditions Bayard Jeunesse. She has published novels for all ages and in all genres. She wrote the bestselling fantasy series “Les dragons de Nalsara” and the thriller series “Les Traqueurs de cauchemars”. Her novel, “Les chats”, is featured on the French Ministry of Education’s reading list. She has also written a number of religious books for children (“Les plus belles histoires de la Bible”, “Jésus pour les tout-petits”, etc.) and translated “The Wardstone Chronicles” into French, as well as several books from the “Goosebumps” series.

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MARIE-HÉLÈNE DELVAL is a bestselling author and translator. Her work has appeared in Les Belles Histoires and J’aime lire magazines, and her novel Les chats features on the Ministry of National Education’s recommended reading list, while her series Les dragons de Nalsara is a bestseller and a unique addition to the fantasy genre for young readers. Among others, she’s translated The Inheritance Cycle and The Wardstone Chronicles. Whether translating series or writing her own novels, Marie-Hélène Delval enjoys exploring the metaphysical dimension of fear. She strives to help children put their emotions or fears into words, instead of silencing them. Children love her characters and their struggles, which they can relate to. “Stories—even the quirkiest ones—are only interesting when they talk about us!”