Gérard Moncomble

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Gérard Moncomble was born in 1951 in Auxi-le-Château (Pas-de-Calais) of school teacher parents. After working in sociological and sociocultural domains, using and abusing his grey cells, he turned to crafts and became a tanner-furrier, making puppets then restoring old houses. After some years of pen-pushing and drawing only on Sundays, he made the leap and became professional in 1984, presenting his skills as author, illustrator & scenarist for comic books. He has been an author for fifteen years. He dedicates his work to his five children, Boris, Chloë, Maud, Manon & Albina, who are responsible for what he has become – a story-teller. Interested in all genres: novels, narratives, tales, poems, rhymes, essays and plays.