François MAUMONT

Photo de « François MAUMONT »

François Maumont is versatile illustrator, from children’s magazines to video games and publishing. The first book in his series, “Éloi et Dagobert", was awarded the ‘Prix Jeunesse de la Ville du Touquet’. His drawings are mainly published in magazines and newspapers for children and adults, such as “J’aime lire”, “Le 1”, “The New York Times” and “Fluide Glacial”. He also works for Square Enix Montreal, developing characters for an upcoming video game. In 2020, he even designed a welcome banner for Google! François Maumont began his career in cartoons, animating and creating characters for various series, such as “Hubbert et Takako” for Xilam Animation, and “Le monde incroyable de Gumball” for Cartoon Network. He likes on the outskirts of Paris.