Emmanuel Guibert began his career with an ambitious book on the rise of Nazism, “Brune”, which took him seven years to complete. From 1994, he worked in a studio for five years alongside some of the most talented authors of his times: Sfar, Blain, Bravo, David B, Satrapi, Boutavant… 1994 is also the year he met Alan Ingram Cope, prompting him to write a biography which is still ongoing, including the volumes “La guerre d’Alan”, “L’enfance d’Alan” and “Martha et Alan”. In 2003, the first book of his trilogy “Le photographe”, created with Didier Lefèvre and Frédéric Lermercier, was published. It has since been translated into nineteen languages and is a huge success with both critics and the greater public. A fine technician, renowned amongst his peers as an innovative and pioneering cartoonist, Emmanuel Guibert is also a prolific scriptwriter. He enjoys working with his friends. He created “Les Olives Noires” (which he illustrated) with Joann Sfar, “La Fille du professeur” (which he also illustrated) and “Sardine de l’espace” (which he wrote and illustrated), as well as “Ariol” with Marc Boutavant. The last two children’s series revealed his talent as a storyteller and narrator. His body of work was awarded the “Prix René Goscinny” in 2017 and he won the “Grand Prix du 47e Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême” in 2020.

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