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Édouard Manceau

Photo de « Édouard Manceau »

Édouard Manceau was born in Vendée in 1969. He enjoyed a happy childhood surrounded by brothers, sisters and cousins. After a chaotic school life, he decided to go to art school in Angers. There, he discovered his artistic vocation. At the age of 30, he published his first book with Editions Frimousse. He has also worked for Thierry Magnier, Mila, Le Seuil and Tourbillon, and works regularly for Milan Presse. One of our emblematic author-illustrators, he has already published more than 30 books with Milan Petite enfance, among them several series : "Capucine la souris", "Le Petit Éléphant", "Nom d’un champignon !", "Tous pareils !", "Si tous les éléphants s'appelaient Bertrand", "Tout pour ma pomme", "Merci le vent"… Édouard Manceau lives and works in Toulouse.

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