Bernard Friot

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Bernard Friot is a French author who has lived in several different cities across France and Germany. He currently lives in Bordeaux. He began teaching literature and soon became interested in children and teens’ reading habits. He wrote, among others, the famous “Histoires pressées” series. His book, “Nouvelles Histoires pressées” (Milan), has featured on the French Education’s recommended reading list since it was created in 2002. He is a multi-award-winning author in France and abroad and has been shortlisted several times for the Astrid-Lindgren prize. He mainly writes short stories, poems and novels, as well as articles about children’s books, promoting reading, and teaching writing and poetry. His books have already been translated into twenty or so languages, and his texts are regularly performed on stage in France and abroad. Bernard Friot also writes for musicians, musicals, songs or operas, and is a literary translator from German and Italian into French. Bernard Friot describes himself as a “public writer”. He draws the emotions and images for his stories from regular contact with his readers. This relationship is at the heart of his reflection on writing. He believes that reading, like writing, is an act of creation.

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