Anne-Laure BONDOUX

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Anne-Laure Bondoux lives in Paris. As a child, she loved listening to stories and dreamed of becoming an explorer. Eventually, words became her favorite passport and around the age of ten, she began to write stories, and hasn’t stopped since. After, in no particular order, dabbling in theater, having two children, studying literature and working at Bayard, she decided to devote herself fully to writing. Some of her novels have been translated into fourteen languages and have been awarded a number of prizes in France and abroad. Several were published by Bayard Jeunesse, in the Je Bouquine collection: "Le destin de Linus Hoppe", "Les larmes de l'assassin", "La magnifique" and "Le temps des miracles". Two of her novels, "Le destin de Linus Hoppe" and "Le temps des miracles" feature on the French Ministry of Education’s reading list.