Agnès Cathala

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Agnès Cathala lives in Toulouse, where she is editor-in-chief of the magazine “Histoires pour les petits”, and editorial director of the Early Reading department at Milan Presse. She has written fairy tale adaptations (coll. Mes p’tites contes, Milan), non-fiction books (Mes p’tits pourquoi ?, Milan), as well as picture books (published by Milan, Père Castor, Flammarion), some of which have been translated in China, Korea and Italy. She also writes novels for beginner readers, such as the “Bonnie et Mortimer” series (Gallimard Folio cadet), recommended by the ‘Cercle Gallimard de l’Enseignement’ (3rd and 4th grades). Her picture book “La Vie parfaite du Maharadja” was awarded the ‘Prix des Enfants du Salon du Livre Jeunesse de Troyes’. She has also scripted episodes for the animated series "1jour/1question” (Milan Presse/France TV).

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