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Each Super Zero possesses one quality and one weakness – a plus and a minus.
Take Zébu the Zebra for example:
I’m afraid of being lost but I can find great hiding places.
In an illustrated story, each hero confronts their fear… Read more  and finds a way, alone or with the help of the others, to overcome it.
The books are die-cut in the shapes of the heroes and even stand up thanks to their production in thick white card!
Zebu the Zebra is playing hide and sick in the park with his friends. But Zebu is afraid of being lost. Fortunatly, his is good at finding great hiding places !

Illustrator : Stéphanie Bardy

1 and up

Collection: Super Zeroes

Publication date:

Retail price: 7,50 €

N°EAN 9791027605606
Format 140 x 170 mm
Number of pages 8

Super Zeroes

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