Les trois petits cochons

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Xavier Deneux recounts the trials and tribulations of the famous three little pigs. The simplicity of the illustrations strikes the young reader’s eye, as they clearly identify each episode of the tale.
The narrative potential of the concept… Read more  takes on all its meaning when the play of shapes/counter shapes highlights the most exciting moments in the story. When children can touch with their fingertips, they grasp the sense of the tale more easily.
A magical system that promises hours of fun with this carefully made book, so robust that the child can play with it without risk of breakage.
Forthcoming in February 2015: Little Red Riding Hood.

Illustrator : Xavier Deneux

3 and up

Collection: Les contes gigognes

Publication date:

Themes: animalspigtale

Retail price: 13,90 €

N°EAN 9782745969354
Number of pages 18

Les contes gigognes

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