J’ai vu un lion

Editions Milan
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The little hero of J’ai vu un lion describes the lion he saw in his neighbour’s garden to his mother. This lion – which resembles a real lion less and less as the description takes form – could it be real?
A zany story that focuses on… Read more  the fine, shifting line between reality and imagination for very young children, in a series of picture books especially designed for them, with real stories close to the things they think about.

Author : Séverine VIDAL

Illustrator : Laurent Simon

1 and up

Collection: Les histoires des tout-petits

Publication date:

Themes: imagination

Retail price: 8,90 €

N°EAN 9782745972729
Format 180 x 250 mm
Number of pages 24

Les histoires des tout-petits

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