Cap ou pas cap ?

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A Touch’n Fell book that will provoke roars of laughter! On each page there’s a monster – scary or disgusting – and a dare: « Touch it if you can! »
The child is invited to stroke the hairy spider, scratch the plump monster’s… Read more  belly, touch the poisonous snake’s slimy tongue and the shark’s pointed teeth, kiss the witch’s spotty face. They must find the courage to lift up the cover and find out who’s hiding under the bed, and even put their hands into the jaws of a leaping wolf.
At the end, children discover their own face reflected in a deforming Mirror with the caption « The most terrifying little monster of all! »
Defusing the fear of phantasmagorical monsters and repulsive creatures through fun and laughter, this book revives all the fun of playing at being scared.

Illustrator : Nicole Maubert

2 and up

Collection: Albums animés éveil

Publication date:

Themes: fearhumourmaterials (bookstouch and feel)

Retail price: 15,20 €

N°EAN 9782408046101
Format 210 x 210 mm
Number of pages 20

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