Buc, le chevalier pirate

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Buc’s imaginary world gets into action when he goes shopping at the supermarket. Somewhere in intergalactic space, the Pirate-Knight is fighting to protect the universe against evil extra-terrestrials with heads like mushrooms… In the… Read more  supermarket, he fights off all the dragons on wheels with his laser sword and thrusts a ball of fire at a monster
before fleeing at the speed of lightning to free the Fairy Princess of the Supermarket from an army of wicked cucumbers…The funny little ups and downs of daily life told and illustrated with humour by Pauline Pinson and Magali le Huche… or how shopping can become a fantastic adventure.

2 and up

Collection: Premières histoires

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N°EAN 9791027600137
Format 188 x 170 mm