Mes premiers réflexes écolos

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A first interactive book to teach little ones simple, environmentally friendly gestures.There is no set age to learn about respecting the environment! Guided by little playful characters, with scenes from everyday life, the child learns about the… Read more  “right” gestures through interactive features. An interactive book to make kids more aware of the role we all need to play to save the planet, without fearmongering.
A series to encourage confidence and independence in little ones.

Author : Anne-Sophie Baumann

Illustrator : Raphaëlle Michaud

3 and up

Collection: Mes petits rituels

Publication date:

Themes: awakeningecologyenvironmenteveryday life

Retail price: 14,50 €

N°EAN 9791027608249
Format 240 x 280 mm
Number of pages 10

Mes petits rituels

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