Les petites bêtes

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This title is an introduction to insects for the very young (from 2 up) and it answers the questions they ask about their favourites: where do snails come from? What’s it like inside a beehive? Why do spiders live in webs? Double-pages feature… Read more  vignettes lo learn precise details about insects and big scenes that show them in their lives.
For the very young, a cross between the toy (simple, rounded graphics, tabs to pull) and information (simple sentences with the key words).

Illustrator : Sonia Baretti

2 and up

Collection: Mon premier doc animé

Publication date:

Themes: gardeninsectslittle animalsspider

Retail price: 12,90 €

N°EAN 9782745997784
Format 248 x 220 mm
Number of pages 10

Mon premier doc animé

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