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In very different places and contexts, men and women have chosen to live noble lives to help the poor and the deprived. Of different religions, nationalities and cultures, these people made a strong impression on all who knew them and bore witness… Read more  to fundamental values: charity, equal rights and peace. This book tells the stories of 15 great figures in comic form. Catholic and Protestant, but also Hindu, Muslim or agnostic, they commited their lives to helping their fellow men.
Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Chirine Ebadi, Vera Chirwa, Nelson Mandela, the Dalaï Lama…

Illustrator : Peggy Adam

12 and up

Collection: Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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Themes: abandonaccessoriesaccidentalchemy

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N°EAN 9782747039932
Number of pages 48

Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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