Pourquoi je suis moi ?

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This book presents eight themes designed to help children think:
Why am I me?
Girls, boys, who are we?
To have a family, what a venture!
Is it important to have friends?
What makes us happy?
What is love?… Read more  /> Why are we afraid?
What does it mean, a successful life?
Each theme is approached from a philosophical viewpoint, but also Christian: what does the Bible tell us about these existential questions? What did Jesus have to say about these subjects?
This enlightening information permits us to view life’s big questions differently. For to be a Christian doesn’t only mean believing in God, it also implies a very special outlook on the world.

Author : Collectif

8 and up

Collection: Filotéo

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Themes: asking questionsfamilyfriendshipphilosophy

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N°EAN 9782747046749
Format 190 x 250 mm
Number of pages 144


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