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The Missel des enfants is a book for children aged 8 to 12, a companion for children taking part in the Sunday Eucharist.
It follows the 2016/2017 liturgical year beginning on the first Sunday of Advent of year A (27 November 2016) and… Read more  finishing on the Feast of Christ the King in year A (26 November 2017).
In all, there are 62 celebrations (Sundays and special days)
The Missel des enfants is in three parts:
– The first part presents the different stages of mass. It explains to children the meaning of the words pronounced during the various dialogues between the celebrant and the assembly, and the gestures. There is also a page giving information on the liturgical objects they can see.
– Part two gives the unabridged liturgical texts for Sundays and other celebrations (1st reading, psalm, 2nd reading, gospel).
In order to help children absorb the Biblical texts they hear during the Sunday mass, the Missel des enfants pays special attention to readability. A paragraph introduces each Sunday and each reading to place it in the context of the liturgical year and the Biblical context.
In each reading, children will find some words in bold text. These are explained at the end of each Sunday in words and expressions adapted to their age.
Part three presents an index of Biblical words, a map of the Holy Land in Jesus’s times, and a contents page.


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