Mille milliards de questions sur la vie, le monde et Dieu

Couverture de « Mille milliards de questions sur la vie, le monde et Dieu »


We all ask questions, but children are the champions!
In this book, there are 49 astonishing – sometimes difficult – questions about life, the world and God, asked by children from the age of seven to twelve.
Each answer, carefully… Read more  thought out by the journalists of Astrapi, does not claim to be the ultimate and universal solution. It searches rather to give children and their parents possible paths of reflection.
This book is a must – to be consulted regularly.

Author : Collectif

Illustrator : Christophe Merlin

8 and up

Collection: Filotéo

Publication date:

Themes: asking questionsreligion

Retail price: 16,90 €

N°EAN 9782747047395
Format 230 x 290 mm
Number of pages 96


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