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Born at the end of the 19th century, Gandhi became a lawyer and lived in South Africa where he was the victim of racism. He returned to his native India and soon became the leader of the struggle against the British colonial power. Imprisoned… Read more  several times, he invented a new way to protest: civil disobedience, totally non-violent. India became independent in 1947. But Gandhi is also an important spiritual guide, the man who was called « Mahatma » after his death, which means “the great soul”. Appointed “Father of the Nation”, his date of birth is now India’s national day.
The story is drawn by Leo, one of the masters of Franco-Belgian comic art, who portrays here one of the richest and most complex personalities of the 20th century!

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Collection: Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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