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A Trappist monk at Tibhirine, Christian de Chergé lived a life of prayer and friendship in contact with Muslims. He was taken hostage by terrorists and died a martyr in 1996, with six of his brothers.
Beaten by his father, knocked around by… Read more  life, Tim Guénard sank into violence before his radical conversion to Catholicism. He became a “witness to hope”, welcoming young people who had lost their bearings to his farm to help them.
Brother Roger was born into a family of Swiss Protestants. He is the founder of an ecumenical community at Taizé (Saône-et-Loire) that welcomes thousands of young Christians every year, Catholics and Protestants. Brother Roger was assassinated in 2005, but his work remains.

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Collection: Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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Les chercheurs de Dieu Filotéo

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