30 chefs-d’oeuvre qui racontent la Bible

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The most famous Bible stories told through works of art.
17 episodes of the Bible are recounted, each story on two double-page spreads. On the first, a work of art is presented – a painting, a sculpture – with short texts placed all around… Read more  it, with arrows pointing to certain features. These texts explain how the artwork tells the Bible story: for example, a fresco by Michel Angelo shows the Creation of man, a painting by Caravaggio shows the sacrifice of Isaac, a sculpture by Bernini shows David facing Goliath…
Turn to the next double-page and the Bible story is told in language children can enjoy and understand. The text is enriched by little boxes with explanations to help readers grasp these excerpts from the Bible. A second artwork, illustrating the same episode or telling what happened next,
closes each short chapter.

8 and up

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Autour de la bible

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