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Reading the Bible isn’t easy. This vast collection of more than 70 very varied books was written at different periods by people most unlike ourselves, in languages very distant from our modern languages. Yet these ancient texts have shaped our… Read more  civilisation, how we think and live. To get to know these texts is to discover an aspect of our own world.
But how can you be sure not to get lost in this huge library, or feel discouraged? How can we understand why such ancient writings should concern us today?
The originality of this book is that it presents essential biblical texts and the keys to understand them. The editorial team put themselves in the reader’s place – even those most unfamiliar with the Bible – to imagine what questions they will ask, what things will puzzle or surprise them, or even make them angry. They have added no less than 700 explanatory features throughout the book that make the Bible easier to understand. Full of information, documents and commentaries, this book addresses young readers at secondary school as well as their parents or teachers…

Author and illustrator : UITGEVERIJ LEOPOLD

14 and up

Collection: Autour de la bible

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Themes: Bible

Retail price: 25,90 €

N°EAN 9782747045957
Format 200 x 225 mm
Number of pages 464

Autour de la bible

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