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Robin des bois

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In Sherwood forest, Robin, the finest archer in the region, and his merry men impose their laws with the help of Friar Tuck, the big-hearted monk. Rebels against the unlawful authority of the abominable Sheriff of Nottingham and his ally, Prince… Read more  John, usurper of his brother Richard the Lionheart’s throne, they live hidden in the forest and do their best to help the poor fight against the brutality and abuse of the sheriff and his sidekick, Guy de Gisborne, the commander of his army. We all know the story of Robin Hood, the legendary hero who robbed the rich to feed the poor. Robin Hood is a classic tale that is often revisited. A sort of compilation of all the different versions of the myth, this picture book retraces, as faithfully as possible, the true story of Robin Hood; hence the tragic ending. In many children’s adaptations, Robin’s story ends happily, but here he dies poisoned. Stéphane Frattini takes us to the heart of a unique medieval universe to live the hero’s adventures as though we were one of his band. This story, enhanced by Sébastien Pelon’s beautiful illustrations, deserves its place in Milan’s « Albums classiques » series of children’s adaptations, as faithful as possible, of the great classic narratives.

Author : Stéphane Frattini

Illustrator : Sébastien Pelon

8 and up


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Themes: battleknighthoodliterature

Retail price: 16,90 €

N°EAN 9782745958778
Number of pages 64


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