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Le tour du monde en 80 jours

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One fine morning in 1872, the enigmatic Phileas Fogg accepts a stunning challenge: to tour the world in 80 days. Will he lose his fortune or will he succeed?
Phileas Fogg, a gentleman of English high society, is not a man to run away from a… Read more  challenge. So when he accepts a bet to go around the world in 80 days, in front of his friends in the Reform Club, he is determined to cross oceans and continents as quickly as possible. With his valet, the faithful Passepartout, he begins his race against time: by boat, train or on the back of an elephant, any means of transport will do if it gets him back on time. Phileas Fogg braves all the obstacles on his way: storms, Indian attacks, a policeman on his trail…
The hero also makes a romantic meeting: Miss Aouda, with whom he falls in love. A man would go around the world for less!
Jules Verne’s text is revealed to children in this new, utterly faithful adaptation by Maxime Rovère for young readers. Jonathan Burton’s illustrations, rich, with epic momentum, enhance and complete this amazing narrative.

Illustrator : Jonathan Scott Burton

6 and up


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Themes: adventurechallengelovetravel

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N°EAN 9782745965479
Number of pages 64


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