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Le papa de Simon

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Le papa de Simon »


Today, Simon goes to school for the first time. But the day doesn’t go as well as planned. « He’s got no dad! ». That’s what the other children call him, « No dad! ». So he decides to go and look for the father he’s never… Read more  seen.
Simon, Blanchotte’s son, isn’t like the other pupils. He has never seen his dad. Right from the first day at school, he becomes his classmates’ whipping boy. They make this little difference an excuse to hit him. As he runs away in tears to hide by the river one day, he meets Philippe Rémy, the village blacksmith. This generous man listens and consoles him, pays attention to him and treats him like his son. Secretly in love with Simon’s mother, he ends up marrying her. Now, anyone who wants to pick on Simon should watch out… his father will be there to deal with them!
A brilliant adaptation by Charlotte Moundlic, who updates a short story Maupassant wrote in 1879. François Roca’s classic style and reputation places this poignant story in our heritage, with the atmosphere and beautiful countryside of Normandy. A delight for the eyes!

Illustrator : François Roca

8 and up

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Themes: familyfathermorals

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