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Le magicien d’Oz

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Le magicien d’Oz »


Dorothy and her little dog Toto live in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. During a hurricane, Dorothy and Toto are swept away by the wind: their house suddenly lands in the Land of Oz, crushing the Wicked Witch of the East. Dorothy takes the… Read more  opportunity to put on the witch’s silver shoes, which weren’t at all damaged. She’ll have to walk a long road to get home again!
The Good Witch of the North advises her to seek help from the powerful Wizard of Oz, who looks after the Emerald City.

Illustrator : Charlotte Gastaut

7 and up

Collection: ALBUMS 8 ANS ET +

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Themes: classicliteraturemagicquest

Retail price: 22 €

N°EAN 9782745965882
Format 245 x 345 mm
Number of pages 96


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