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Fleur de Cendre

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Ashflower is beautiful, kind, intelligent and generous… Her beloved father has remarried – to a horrid woman who hates the girl. The nasty stepmother now lives in their house with her two stupid daughters, as vain as they are ugly… From… Read more  evening till morning, she is obliged to be their servant and put up with their wickedness. Until the day the prince announces a big party… The source of this Japanese tale goes back in time as far as Cinderella. So perhaps the similarities aren’t entirely a coincidence, but we don’t know if the story travelled from East to West or from West to East.

Author : Annick Combier

Illustrator : Anne Romby

4 and up

Collection: Albums 3 - 7 ans

Publication date:

Themes: blended familyforgivenesslovetale

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N°EAN 9782745994622
Format 200 x 245 mm
Number of pages 40

Albums 3 - 7 ans

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