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To thank a lion for saving his life, a rat promises to do the same for him one day…which he does, in his own way. A starving cicada begs some ants to give him food but they refuse, because while he was singing the summer away, they were… Read more  /> making stocks for the winter.
A tortoise pleads with an eagle to teach him to fly, so insistently that the bird gives in. But flying is not a natural attribute of tortoises… which the eagle proves by dropping the creature from a great height…A selection of 28 fables, short narratives featuring talking animals that always end with a moral.
Aesop’s Fables are in prose form, giving the texts a truly surprising modernity. Who Aesop really was remains a mystery. According to legend, he was a Greek slave who lived between the 7th-6th century BC.

Illustrator : Jean-François MARTIN

7 and up


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Themes: Fables

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N°EAN 9782745944580
Format 260 x 315 mm
Number of pages 64


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