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Renart et la pêche à la queue

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Renart et la pêche à la queue »


In deep midwinter, Ysengrin the wolf asked Renart for some food, explaining that his own provisions had been stolen. Renart, who knew very well that Ysengrin was a liar, decided to teach him a lesson.
Renart taught the wolf a method of fishing… Read more  guaranteed to catch a fish: tail fishing.
When the lesson was over, Ysengrin turned on Renart, chased him away rudely and began fishing on a frozen lake. After singing a very long song with words that mocked Renart, Ysengrin realized that his tail was frozen into the ice. Renart, the cunning fox, had been watching all the while from behind a bush. He leaped out to teach the wolf a lesson, refused to help him and ran off gaily, telling Ysengrin that he could hear a pack of dogs on the distance. To free himself, Ysengrin had to sacrifice his tail, which stayed in the depths of the pond. Ashamed, he now hides from all the inhabitants of the forest.

Author : Paule BATTAULT

Illustrator : Nathalie Ragondet

3 and up


Publication date:

Themes: cunningwild animalswinter

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N°EAN 9782408037895
Format 160 x 165 mm
Number of pages 24


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