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Raoul Taffin cow-boy

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« Hi, cow-boy! Lea has just been kidnapped by Stuffed Toes, chief of the Frittered Feet!
What? Raoul flies into a rage. Lea may be a pain in the neck, she’s his one and only darling sister. »
So now Raoul Taffin has become a cow-boy… Read more  on the hunt for his sister. Like a good cow-boy, he braves all the dangers of the vast prairies, on his faithful mount Clafoutis. He goes as far as to ride into the Indian camp alone. But has it occurred to him that his sister doesn’t want to be saved?

Author : Gérard Moncomble

Illustrator : Frédéric Pillot

4 and up

Collection: RAOUL TAFFIN

Publication date:

Themes: adventureFar Westhumour

Retail price: 10,90 €

N°EAN 9782745973498
Format 230 x 268 mm
Number of pages 32


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