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Raoul Taffin chevalier

Couverture de « Raoul Taffin chevalier »


« Raoul Taffin was a knight of the Round Table. He was preparing to set off in search of the Grail. This Grail, it was a fantastic thing! When you found it – whoosh! – you became invisible or immortal or something like that. And… you got… Read more  free meals all year round. That’s what Arthur said, he was the chief of the knights of the Round Table… »
Our hero sets off on an infernal quest. No time for tourism, on each double page, a new adventure awaits him: protecting widows and orphans, saving the people in a castle under siege, fighting duals, falling in love and lastly, finding the famous Grail… At the end of the picture book, a fold-out page lets children discover that all these things actually happened in Raoul’s head. Then they can have fun finding the real events that nourished their hero’s imagination.

Author : Gérard Moncomble

Illustrator : Frédéric Pillot

5 and up

Collection: RAOUL TAFFIN

Publication date:

Retail price: 12,50 €

N°EAN 9782745953377
Number of pages 32


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