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Petit Ours Brun, Lis avec moi – Au jardin

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Today, Daddy Bear is doing some gardening. Little Brown Bear is going to help him of course; sowing seeds, watering plants and picking vegetables from the garden.
Salad, tools, seeds, boots, a wheelbarrow, radishes, soil, to sow, leeks,… Read more  watering can, tree, vegetable garden…kiddies will learn all those words during their outing in Little Brown Bear’s vegetable garden.
A lovely story with carefully chosen, simple words to let children become familiar with the written word, together with their companion, Little Brown Bear.
It’s super to start reading like grown-ups!

Auteurs : Charlotte LE BRETONMarie AUBINAIS

Illustrator : Laura BOUR

3 and up

Collection: Petit Ours Brun, Lis avec moi

Publication date:

Themes: daily lifegardeningwriting

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782747050777
Number of pages 32

Petit Ours Brun, Lis avec moi

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