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Polo, TOME  : Où est passé le nez d’Oscar ?

Couverture de « Où est passé le nez d’Oscar ? »


Polo and Oscar are having a great time skating on the frozen surface of the sea. Poor Oscar falls and the carrot he uses for a nose sinks into a seal’s hole. To let Oscar breath, Polo lends him his flute in the meantime. Polo wants to dive in to… Read more  get the carrot, but the water is below freezing. Happily, Diego the dragon comes along and spits fire to heat it up. When he gets his carrot-nose back, Oscar thanks Polo by playing a lively jig on the flute.

Author : Marie-Agnès Gaudrat

Illustrator : Régis FALLER

4 and up

Serie: Polo

Collection: Albums petite enfance

Publication date:

Themes: adventurefriendshipice-floe

Retail price: 6,90 €

N°EAN 9782747054126
Format 165 x 165 mm
Number of pages 64


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