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Nino Dino – Pas de bébé à la maison!

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There’s something strange about Nino Dino this morning: there’s an egg, just lying there, between his mum and dad. But Nino Dino can’t get near it. So when he decides to move it because it’s taking up too much space, his parents don’t… Read more  understand at all. A baby is going to arrive in the home, and Nino Dino must be very careful. The little tyrannosaurus feels sad… and jealous. Things were good when he was the only child in the house. Fortunately, he can count on his friends, but Max tells him that a baby in the house means sharing your toys, your parents, your room… Clea doesn’t agree: she’d love to have a little brother or sister. As for Alfred, he loves being a big brother. It makes him feel stronger!
In the end, Nino Dino calms down and goes home just as the egg is hatching. Nino Dino’s heart melts when he hears the baby’s first cry. After all, it’s super to be a big brother, he’ll teach the baby to roar perfectly!

Author : Mim

Illustrator : Thierry Bedouet

4 and up

Collection: Nino dino

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Themes: birthdinosaurshero

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782408040024
Number of pages 40

Nino dino

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