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Monsieur et Madame Monstre

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Mister Monster likes nothing better than terrifying all those around him. But when he meets a very pretty Miss Monster, he suddenly goes all shy! To impress her, he transforms into a werewolf then a dragon… But Miss Monster isn’t in the… Read more  slightest impressed.
But when he turns into a bird… she thinks he’s wonderful! They fall head over heels in love, Mister Monster doesn’t want to frighten people any more, he wants to give them little kisses!

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Collection: Les Belles Histoires des tout-petits

Publication date:

Themes: lovemeeting peopleshyness

Retail price: 5,20 €

N°EAN 9782747048521
Format 190 x 190 mm
Number of pages 28

Les Belles Histoires des tout-petits

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