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Polo : Mon livre !

Couverture de « Mon livre ! »


Polo will soon be asleep. He closes his book and switches off the light. That’s when a little fellow, all green, slips down a thread into his room, steals Polo’s book and makes off with it… Polo immediately chases the thief.
In his… Read more  pursuit, he passes through a candy floss cloud, a village fair, a blank page, a stormy sea, an equatorial jungle, a burning desert, a kingdom of clouds…
All in pursuit of the mysterious little green man… and his stolen book.
A thrilling adventure with Polo, full of unexpected events and strange encounters.
A new all-picture story, no words, that will appeal to children of all ages.

2 and up

Serie: Polo

Collection: Mini BD Kids Polo

Publication date:

Themes: adventurereading

Retail price: 10,95 €

N°EAN 9782747057608
Format 185 x 210 mm
Number of pages 80


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