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L’hirondelle qui voulait voir l’hiver

Couverture de « L’hirondelle qui voulait voir l’hiver »


After Le Pingouin qui avait froid, Philip Giordano brings us a new fable about difference and friendship.
Iris, a young swallow, is very curious: when she finds out that winter is coming, she decides to stay and discover what it looks like. So… Read more  she watches her family fly off to warm climes while she waits in the forest. In autumn, Iris still manages to find insects to eat. She enjoys flying among trees that are slowly losing their leaves; she admires their flam-boyant colours. Soon winter comes. Iris falls asleep in the snow… A squirrel takes her in and shares his shelter with the swallow. They spend the winter together, admiring this new landscape and hunting for insects hidden in the soil. Then springtime comes, and with the season, the swallows return …Like an initiatory tale, this picture book recounts the life of Iris, a young swallow, in one year. Once again, Philip Giordano plays with the changing shapes and colours that rhythm the seasons to create luminous, teeming pages in the warm seasons and stark, beautiful landscapes in the winter.

Illustrator : Philip Giordano

Author and illustrator : Philip Giordano

4 and up

Collection: Albums 3 - 7 ans

Publication date:

Themes: différencesolidaritywinter

Retail price: 12,90 €

N°EAN 9782745981691
Number of pages 48

Albums 3 - 7 ans

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