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Le petit pompier

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Le petit pompier »


A beautiful well-paced and brightly coloured story that shows the first steps of a little fireman, his strength, his courage and his alertness in the face of danger.
Paul has a dream: he wants to be a fireman, like his dad. But Paul is too… Read more  little, so in the meanwhile, he trains every night in the garden: « Nee-naw! Nee-naw! ».
Until one day his dad takes him to the station to show him what firemen do. Paul is happy, he has great fun in the fire engine. But that day, the real siren goes off! There’s a fire!

Author and illustrator : GILLES SERRIGNY EDUAR

2 and up

Collection: Les Belles Histoires des petits

Publication date:

Themes: fatherfiremanfirst discoveriesjobs

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9791036319662
Format 200 x 200 mm
Number of pages 24

Les Belles Histoires des petits

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