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Le grand livre de tous les méchants

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You’re invited to a party at the ogre’s house. Brrr! All the worst horrors of your nightmares will be there, together!
Here is a book unlike any other!
Its pages are magic; they contain all the baddies in the whole world… trapped… Read more  between its covers forever…
In the evening, before going to bed, close the Grand Livre de tous les méchants – the big book of baddies – then they can’t get out! You can sleep like a baby.
No more nasty nightmares, as dark as cupboards!

Author : Michel Piquemal

Illustrator : Bruno Salamone

4 and up

Collection: Albums 3 - 7 ans

Publication date:

Themes: bookhumourmonster

Retail price: 13,90 €

N°EAN 9782745978004
Format 225 x 270 mm
Number of pages 40

Albums 3 - 7 ans

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