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Polo, N°  : Joyeux anniversaire la baleine !

Couverture de « Joyeux anniversaire la baleine ! »


Polo and Lili are admiring the night sky when they see 1…2…3…4… 5 shooting stars plunge into the sea! In a jiffy they follow them and end up bang in the middle of the whale’s birthday party. 5 shooting stars for 5 candles! Unfortunately,… Read more  the greedy Krapos brothers spoil the party when they steal the stars. With the help of the sawfish, the octopus and a shoal of sardines, Polo gets the stars back and the whale can blow out his five candles!

Author : Marie-Agnès Gaudrat

Illustrator : Régis FALLER

3 and up

Serie: Polo

Collection: Albums petite enfance

Publication date:

Themes: birthdayFancyfriendship

Retail price: 6,90 €

N°EAN 9782747054102
Format 165 x 165 mm
Number of pages 64


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