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Devinez coa ?

Editions Milan
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Flies eat cherries. Spiders eat flies, which eat cherries. The food chain goes on and on, all the way to a little witch – who eats foxes that eat crows that eat grass snakes that eat spiders that eat flies that eat cherries – decides that… Read more  finally, she doesn’t like foxes all that much, she prefers frogs.
Here’s a picture book to get the memory working! Who ate what? Why doesn’t like the witch like foxes? What does she prefer? The reader has to find the missing links in the chain.
Vincent Boudgourd’s illustrations, with their delicate sketchiness, give character to all the creatures whether they are furry, feathery or scaly.

3 and up

Collection: Albums 3 - 7 ans

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Themes: foodhumourwitch

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N°EAN 9782745971098
Format 280 x 200 mm
Number of pages 32

Albums 3 - 7 ans

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