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Bien fait pour vous !

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Blaise can’t take anymore: his family and friends, everyone seems to be ganging up against him. He hates them all, doesn’t even want to see them anymore. So he leaves home. In the heart of the forest, he lies down on a bed of leaves, closes his… Read more  eyes… and pretends to be dead, imagines he would never go home again. Then they’d all regret being rotten to him, that’s for sure. And they’d all miss him desperately, that’s sure too. Because they all love him, for certain.
In this book, the author finds just the right tone to treat that inevitable moment when children have fantasies about their own death and, with warmth and humour, shows the distortion that can operate between little daily events and the child’s interpretation of them. With precision and delicacy, she describes children’s need to imagine the worst in order to feel reassured of the place they occupy and how much they are loved.

Author : Claire CLÉMENT

Illustrator : Aurélie Guillerey

4 and up

Collection: Albums 3 - 7 ans

Publication date:

Themes: childhooddeathimaginary

Retail price: 13,90 €

N°EAN 9782745955999

Albums 3 - 7 ans

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