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Adélidélo dompteuse de colère !

Bayard Jeunesse
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Adelidelo is a happy little girl, who is full of energy and always sees the bright side of life. But today, she has had enough. She’s never allowed to do what she wants, and nobody loves her… So, she throws a big tantrum! So big that, much to… Read more  her surprise, her tantrum turns into a monster. Who helps her understand why she feels so cross… and how to calm herself down!
A reassuring story that helps decipher anger, an emotion that all kids sometimes feel overwhelmed by.

Author : Marie-Agnès Gaudrat


3 and up

Collection: Les Belles Histoires

Publication date:

Themes: angerfeelingshumour

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9791036330094
Format 210 x 240 mm
Number of pages 32

Les Belles Histoires

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