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3 histoires de nature

Bayard Jeunesse
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Beautiful pitch-perfect stories about protecting nature, a current and pressing theme, conveying important values, such as protecting animals and their ecosystems, or celebrating the beauty and fragility of nature. Three stories full of imagination… Read more  and hope, that encourage kids to think about global warming and the environment, and that breathe new life into a serious topic with fresh illustrations.
– A Nest for Babies:
An old lumberjack cuts down the tree a mummy bird and her babies were living in. To make it up to them, he takes them into his home. But where will they nest until they can fly? In the old man’s beard, of course!
– A Pond Mess:
The farmers have decided to turn the animals’ pond into a swimming pool… Time to take action! The toad, dragonfly and all the other animals decide to write a letter to save their little paradise.
– The Rhododendron Kingdom:
The King of Rhododendron decides to get rid of all the trees and flowers in the kingdom, because they are blocking his view. But the land becomes dry and all the animals run away. In the end, the wind opens the king’s eyes, and prompt him to fix the mess.


Illustrateurs : Pascal LEMAITRELaurent Simon

4 and up

Collection: Pomme d'Api raconte

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Themes: ecologynature

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Format 203 x 230 mm
Number of pages 40

Pomme d'Api raconte

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